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In general the age is between 20 and 40. But to be honest, age does not really matter. First of all you are never to old to try and second, everyone is a kid in the ocean while playing with the waves. We have single travelers, couples, groups of friends, families joining us and everyone is here to enjoy the surf and to feel part of our surf family.
Of course you can, you will not be the only one and you will be soon part of Oporto Surf Camp and feel at home.
In general the surf lessons are from Monday till Friday so the best is to arrive on Sunday but since the flights can be much cheaper on other days you can also arrive on any other day as long as we have availability for you. Feel free to send an email with possible dates and we will help you as soon as possible so your flight will not got more expensive.
We made the surf camp package 7 nights but that doesn’t mean you can not stay longer or shorter of course. We can be flexible in this, mostly we want you to be happy and give you the best holiday for you. If you stay extra nights you will also get a discount on these extra nights. And actually to improve your surf it’s really nice to stay longer than a week. 2 weeks for example!
Our breakfast starts most of the time at 9:00h. At 10:00h we want to have the equipment prepared and we will look for the best surfspot of the day with our guests. We surf as much as possible. Until everyone is tired and hungry and then we will go for lunch, we love to take everyone to typical Portuguese lunch places. The prices are good. Around 6 euro for a soup, meal, drink and a coffee. And you will have energy again for another surf session. After a little siesta of course. If you want to lunch at the surf camp that is also possible of course. Sometimes the days and waves are just too nice to leave the beach and we order food to bring at the beach. In the evening we do several things, having a bbq or going out for diner, sometimes guests decide to cook a specialty of their country for everyone. We organise movie nights, game nights etc. And of course a drink at one of the bars and a dance together can also happen.
We have fiberglass shortboards for rent. Also some epoxy shortboards which are great fun too. If you are really used to your own board maybe it’s better to bring your own and let us know so we can give you a discount because you are bringing your own equipment. If you want to know if we have to right board for you just send an email with what you would like to rent and we can see if we have the perfect board for you here.
If you decide to bring your own equipment but still book the surf camp package we will give you a discount on the package.
You can still arrive at the surf camp or leave early. The best is than to choose the option of a transfer and then we make sure one of us is at the surf camp to welcome you. Let us know in advance, we have no 24/7 reception.
At this moment it’s not possible yet to pay by creditcard. In the village you will find 2 atm machines where you can take your money. You can take a max of 200 euro at one time but you can do this up to 2 or 3 times on the same day until you have reached your foreign limit. Or you can pay by banktransfer.
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Pedro Belo

“I started surfing about 30 years ago in the North of Portugal. My parents always took me and my brother on holiday to Peniche where I saw people surfing for the first time and I got very curious. It’s now 9 years ago that I started Oporto Surf Camp. After working many years as a surf teacher and helping organizing surf championships in Portugal I wanted to show and share the great uncrowded waves in the North of Portugal with others. When you give surf lessons it’s great to see the happiness of the guests when they catch their first waves. It’s very gratifying when they make a good progress. At our Oporto Surf camp people from all over the world meet each other. It’s nice to hang out with everyone, sharing experiences, having parties and to feel the good vibes. Ever since I started to surf I never stopped loving it and I like to share this pure feeling of life, ‘a pura Vida’, and freedom that surfing gives.”

Favorite wave in the north: Esmoriz and Maceda. Good waves, no crowd! I have very good memories of Cavedelo, that used to be the Mentawai of Porto.
Surfed in: Portugal, Spain, France, Morocco, Cabo Verde, Maldives, South Africa, Costa Rica, Hawaii

Katrijn Lont

“It sounds very cliché but surfing has changed my life. I’m from the Netherlands and I graduated as a film director and scriptwriter in Amsterdam. But after learning to surf on a holiday here in the north I never wanted to stop anymore. I kept dreaming of a life next to the beach.  And fortunately that dream came true.
It’s now already 12  years ago that this surf holiday changed my life. I could not imagine doing this only once a year on holiday. So be careful when you come here on holiday. I kept on surfing and got my surf instructor and lifeguard certificate. I’m still teaching sometimes but nowadays I help out Pedro with the organization of Oporto Surf Camp, enjoy our 4 year old surfer boy ‘Tomas’ and of course catching waves with our guests.
I still go back to Holland in wintertime to work on movies but I always miss the ocean with it’s waves and a Super bock beer in the evening together with all our guests.

Favorite wave in the north: A long righthander at our secret homespot:)
Surfed in: The Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Hawaii, Morocco, Cabo Verde, Guadeloupe.

Sandro Oliveira

“I grew up in Esmoriz and started as a body boarder, tried skim boarding and started surfing in the last ten years. I got to know Pedro and Katrijn through a common friend who was working at that time at Oporto Surfcamp. Our friendship grew along the time we spent surfing together. It was then that I really started to improve my surfing. I studied graphic design and photography and helped out with this at the surf camp. I also liked to help out Pedro and Katrijn at the beach, in the lessons, giving company to the guests and show them Esmoriz. They asked me if I wanted to work with them, I took the ASI surf instructors and lifesaving course and since then I joined Oporto Surf Camp, now already for 7 years.
I really like the sensation of giving someone their first surf experience, but for me it’s not only about the surf lessons. I also like to show our beautiful beaches and getting them to know how it is to live in the north of Portugal, showing them Porto and making caipirinhas at the bbq’s.
I enjoy working with some of my best friends. It’s like working with family because we are a small and very close team. It’s so nice to see so many guests coming back every year that you really become friends.

Favorite wave in the North: Pretty much everywhere. In the North of Portugal we have so many places to choose from.
Surfed in: Portugal, Morocco, Guadeloupe, Costa Rica.

Alessandro Ravera

“I’m from Italy, nearby Torino in the north. So I’m very used to snowboarding.
I started to surf 5 years ago here at Oporto Surfcamp with some friends. We booked our holiday to have fun but after these 10 days I didn’t want to go back home. It was such a wonderful experience that I wanted to come back on the surfboard as soon as possible but with my job in Italy surfing was not really possible.
When we booked another holiday at Oporto Surfcamp I decided to ask Katrijn if she needed someone to help out for the season. It has been now already three seasons that i’m part of the team. I’m helping out Katrijn with the organisation and the Oporto Surf Lodge. I hope you will enjoy your stay as much as I did.”

Favorite wave her in the North: I never forget these massive waves in Cagalhotes beach with a big jump at the end. Also my first little tube was amazing.
Surfed in: Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands (brrr)

Pedro Meireles - Doitch

“I’m born in Figueira da Foz but have lived all along Portugal’s coastline.
I started surfing when i was around 13 years old. I saw people surfing in Lisbon and wanted that too. I started competing when i was 17 years old. I became 2nd at the regional competition and kept on competing and got sponsoring. I was 2nd at the national circuit of Portugal. I was lucky to start with the generation that put surf competitions on the map. Everyone that started competing at that time is still very involved in surfing, all surf like crazy, work for surfbrands or became coaches. I’m connected to surf association of Aveiro. I select the kids to train for the competitions.
I love to transmit my experience and my passion to our guests. To give them the knowledge you need for surfing, since it’s not just a sport, you also have to get to know the elements of nature, the currents, how the waves work, the beaches and to read the waves.
Besides that i like the life of Oporto Surf Camp. To be with the guests, enjoy the life at the camp, going for diner, a drink and party.”

Favorite wave in the north: Maceda and the beaches of Aveiro
Surfed in: Whole coast of Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Panama, Costa Rica, Brazil, Guatamala, Equador, Tenerife, Marocco.

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